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physical therapy mentorship

Maybe you haven’t reached the place you thought you would at this point in your career. 
Maybe your stress levels are higher than you’d like.
Maybe you’re feeling numb, stale, or closed-off when working with patients. 
Maybe you’re looking for a different perspective. 


I’m here to help.


Over the course of my career, I have come to realize that there are ways of approaching clinical practice that can truly help people, while at the same time making my job more fulfilling and less stressful.


This realization changed the trajectory of my career and indeed my life, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.


We all have a series of models that we operate under: the underlying conceptual framework that informs the decisions that we make and the ways that we practice. Most of us, however, don’t know what our model is. We’ve spent much of our time and energy learning and replicating other people’s models, and indeed this is reinforced in much of our education, training, and continuing education.


I believe that it is only through discovering our own model—our own reasons for why we’re doing what we’re doing, and why we think it’s important—that we can reach our common goals of truly helping people, while at the same time making our jobs more fulfilling and less stressful.


My interest in helping people has led me to pursue formal postdoctoral training, as well as many diverse domains including effective communication, behavior change, ethics, compassion and self-compassion, habits and implementation, pain science, mindfulness, clinical reasoning, and more; all of which weave together to inform how I think, practice, and teach.


But I don’t want to teach you how to practice like me—or like anyone else for that matter—

I want to help you practice like you.

I want to help you discover your own model, help you to fit all of the knowledge and experience that you already have in that model, and help you learn how to consistently update your model as you discover new information and have new insights.


I believe this is how true learning occurs and how we can weave together intellectual knowledge with embodied knowledge, or wisdom.

Book a free consultation to discuss your thoughts, hopes, goals, and to find out if working together would be worthwhile for you.

the process


We clarify your goals and values, determine the ways in which you're currently practicing, and uncover your underlying belief systemyour why behind what you're doing.

Puzzle pieces fitting together

Using our awareness of the what & why of your practice, we construct your underlying PT model. We then compare this model to your goals and values and determine any areas of dissonance.


With sufficient awareness and understanding, the right action often becomes crystal clear.

We co-create a plan to resolve any areas of dissonance and fill any gaps in knowledge so that you can practice in line with your beliefs and values.


  • Meetings will be held twice monthly via Zoom or in-person depending on location.

  • Between sessions, various tools & techniques will be used to aid in implementation and integration.

  • For support between meetings, the Voxer team communication app will allow us to keep in touch.


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