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Andrew Hammond, DPT, owner of Conscious Physical Therapy & Integrative Wellness
My physical therapy journey began
with my own experience of pain.


Around the age of 18, I developed low back pain. There was no injury, no event, just a gradual onset of achiness right above my tailbone. I figured it would go away. But it didn’t.


My Story
My Philosophy
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My Credentials

I went off to college followed by graduate school. I learned about anatomy and physiology. About rehabilitation science. About different schools of thought and approaches. I experimented with all that I learned in an attempt to rid myself of the pain. But there it stayed. 

After graduating with my doctorate in physical therapy, I sought the highest levels of post-doctoral training available to physical therapists in the US. I learned a lot. I gained a lot. I was more capable of helping people. Yet still, there was something missing. I still hadn’t ‘fixed’ my pain.


Then I began to explore eastern philosophy as it relates to pain and suffering, and began seeing my experiences through a slightly different lens.


I began to listen to my body, pay attention to my body, and heed its wisdom. I learned to treat the pain as a beacon to slow down, sleep, exercise, take breaks, move, have fun, laugh; to move toward a state of safety & balance in my life.

Through my experiences with my own pain and working with innumerable people suffering from pain, I have made it my mission in life to reduce human suffering.


my philosophy


I believe that the human body (and mind) possesses the capacity and the drive to heal.


This is true for all living organisms. From trees to fish to single-celled organisms to human beings; we all have an innate drive for homeostasis—for balance—and are capable of reaching this balance.


And yes, this balance shifts during our lifespan depending on a multitude of factors—some in our control, some not. But the body is always striving for balance and wellness nonetheless.


So what’s my role in all of this? I’m here to work with you to set the conditions for your body (and mind) to do what it already knows how to do: heal.

This is a collaborative process that is entirely centered around you— the individual. Ultimately, I want to help you do more of what you want to do, whatever that may be.

My approach to care is simple and pragmatic, and can be distilled to one essential question: How can I help?

this website is a space for everyone.


I write and speak about topics related to physical therapy, service, pain, and suffering for both physical therapists and those with no medical background or training.

I harness my curious (read: obsessive) mind to take complex topics, simplify them, and create daily implementation practices to help you cultivate the skills required to reach your goals. I don’t just provide information, I guide you to think critically, reflect, and act differently so that you can live the life you want to live.

want to know more about me?

  • I’m a questioner. I seek to understand how and why things are the way they are. This has led me to deeply investigate physical therapy and what it means to help people in this way.

  • I’m an implementer. I'm always searching for the best methods to make a real difference for myself and the people that I work with. This has led me to diverse areas of study and practice including philosophy, ethics, habits and implementation, pain science, mindfulness, meditation, and more.

  • I’m a creator. I can't help but take the things that I learn and create something new from them, blending a diverse array of methods, philosophies, and approaches to present a unique and diverse perspective.

who am i really?

  • I’m a Maryland native with a bit of an obsessive personality who relocated to southern California with my wife, Alyssa, and dog, Magnolia

  • We love to foster and rehabilitate dogs rescued from Tijuana

  • I like to stay active surfing, skateboarding, playing pickleball, and moving my body

  • I also love to meditate, think, read, and learn new things

  • I’m learning to slow down (that might take a lifetime)

Andrew Hammond, owner of Conscious Physical Therapy & Integrative Wellness with wife and dog

my professional credentials



2020 — Fellowship Training, Spine Rehabilitation, Kaiser Permanente

2017 — Residency Training, Orthopaedics, Johns Hopkins Hospital


2016 — Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences


2013  Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology, Temple University, Department of Kinesiology, College of Public Health





2018  Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist, ABPTS





2019-Present, California (active)


2016-2021, Maryland (inactive)




2018  Heel Pain Pathway Content Development, Johns Hopkins Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Johns Hopkins Department of Orthopaedics


2018 — Spine Pathway Content Contribution, Johns Hopkins Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Johns Hopkins Department of Orthopaedics


2018 Patient Engagement Training Implementation, Johns Hopkins Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 


2017 — Electronic Clinical Reasoning Tool Design and Implementation, The Johns Hopkins Hospital and George Washington University Orthopaedic Residency, The Johns Hopkins Hospital Sports Residency, Johns Hopkins Rehabilitative Services




2021-Present  Mentor, University of Southern California Orthopedic Residency


2019 — Mentor, Johns Hopkins Pelvic Health Residency (Orthopaedic Portion)

2019 — Mentor, Johns Hopkins Hospital & George Washington University Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Residency Program


2018 — Assistant Instructor, Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Course Series, Johns Hopkins Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


2018 — Clinical Instructor, 10-week full-time internship, Entry-level DPT student


2017 — Adjunct Faculty, Management of Musculoskeletal Dysfunction II, George Washington University


2016 — Adjunct Faculty, Clinical Conference IV, George Washington University





2019  Poster presentation: Pragmatic Interventions for Suspected MCL Sprain in the Context of an Inductive Reasoning Model, Johns Hopkins Clinical Expo


2019 — Platform presentation: Pragmatic Interventions for Suspected MCL Sprain in the Context of an Inductive Reasoning Model, AAOMPT 2019


2019 — Lecture: Clinical Reasoning & Development of Expertise, Johns Hopkins Hospital & George Washington University

Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Residency Program


2019  Live Webinar: Plantar Fasciitis: Keeping it Simple, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians


2019 — Platform presentation: Proposed Examination of the Use of an Electronic Clinical Reasoning Tool to Enhance Physical Therapy Residents’ Self-Assessment and Self-Reflection, Armstrong Institute Summit For Diagnostic Excellence


2018 — Poster presentation: Proposed Examination of the Use of an Electronic Clinical Reasoning Tool to Enhance Physical Therapy Residents’ Self-Assessment and Self-Reflection, Johns Hopkins Clinical Expo


2019 — Lecture: Chronic/Persistent Pain, Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network, Howard County Clinic


2019 — Lecture: Chronic/Persistent Pain, Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network, Green Spring Station Clinic


2018 — Lecture: Chronic/Persistent Pain, Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network, Odenton Clinic


2017 — Lecture: Chronic/Persistent Pain, Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network, Timonium Clinic


2017 — Lecture: Chronic/Persistent Pain, Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network, White Marsh Clinic





2018 — Mentor: Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH), Dunbar High School, Baltimore, MD


2017 — Panel member: Pre-Diabetes Prevention Program




2024 — San Diego Pain Summit, 1.9 CEU

2023 — San Diego Pain Summit, 1.4 CEU


2023 — Applied Neuroscience & the Paining Person, Morton Hoegh, 1.075 CEU

2023 — Foundations of Implicit and Unconscious Bias, MedBridge, 0.1 CEU


2023 — Understanding the Needs of LGBTQ Patients and Clients, MedBridge, 0.125 CEU

2021 — Trauma-Informed Care Principles for Rehabilitation Professionals,, 0.2 CEU


2021 — Management of the Client with Compromised Respiratory Function,, 0.2 CEU


2021 — Why This Test? Clinical Decision-Making for Balance,, 0.2 CEU


2021 — Mindfulness: Beyond Guided Meditation,, 0.2 CEU


2021 — Ethics in Rehabilitation: A Clinical Perspective for Therapists,, 0.3 CEU


2019 — AAOMPT, Orlando, FL, 1.7 CEU

2019 — Pain: From Biology to Behavior Change, Lorimer Moseley, 1.3 CEU


2019 — APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Washington, D.C., 1.4 CEU


2018 — Clinical Neurodynamics: The Lower Quarter, Michael Shacklock, Neurodynamic Solutions, 1.7 CEU


2017  APTA Combined Sections Meeting, San Antonio, TX, 1.4 CEU

2017 — Foundations in Dry Needling for Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and Sport Performance, Structure and Function Dry Needling, 2.5 CEU


2016 — Orthopedic Physical Therapy Seminar Series, University of Southern California, 11.2 CEU

2016 — Clinical Implementation of Psychologically-Informed Physical Therapy Practice, Johns Hopkins University, 0.8 CEU


2016 — Pressing Reset: Restoring the Body Through Movement, Original Strength, 1.0 CEU


2015 — AAOMPT, Louisville, KY, 1.8 CEU


2015 — APTA NEXT Conference & Exposition, National Harbor, D.C., 1.1 CEU


2014 — APTA Maryland Chapter Meeting, 0.5 CEU


2014 — Advanced Gait Training for Individuals with Lower Extremity Amputation, 0.5 CEU

Who Am I Really?
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I'm looking forward to learning with you!
Andrew Hammond, DPT, owner of Conscious Physical Therapy & Integrative Wellness performing physical therapy intervention on patient

are you ready to
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